Apr 17

It's one thing to be annoyed at the queryfail project, as I was (and certain it would lead to a whole lot of backlash, as it did).  It's a whole other thing to take a bazooka to the entire agent class, and wipe out the families just for good measure.

People.  Please.  They're not all out to get you.  And "argument by napalm" tends not to be effective.  Can everyone just take down the vitriol a few notches?

4 Responses to “Queryfail? Bad. Scorchedearthfail? Worse.”

  1. Fawn Says:

    That was just ridiculous, and badly written for a “literary writer”.

    New #queryfail is now #queryday and the agents seem rather helpful and kind. Hmmm… do you think we can trust them? 😉

  2. A Writer Says:

    My main concern with it is how incredibly, utterly, absurdly self-absorbed she is in that post…so much so that she literally can’t see how ridiculous the arguments she makes sound. I also note that she’s got the “irony” tag down, just in case it’s true that she might be overstating the case just a WEE bit. “See, it was all an ironic commentary on how stupid this all is!” Uh-huh.

    As for #querydisaster, I think most of the participating agents have learned their lesson the first time and are approaching this much more positively. I still don’t see how Twitter is the best venue to accomplish what they claim they want to accomplish, but oh, well. So long as they get away from the outright mockery which helped lead to this current Internet holy war between agents and authors, so much the better. (Still prefer the many, many agents who didn’t get involved in the first place, though.)

    Thanks for the comment, and please stick around!


  3. Belynda Says:

    Well put! I will say that Mary did manage to get quite a lot of hits on her site, and the reaction was pretty balanced. Your response about the reflecting pool was probably among my favorites. Bravo!

  4. A Writer Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Belynda. I note with some irony (a term which Mary repeatedly used with (clearly) no understanding whatsoever of what it means, by the way) that she has now closed her comments down because they’ve turned “nasty.” I assume “nasty” means “people are turning against me, because I’ve said something ridiculous, and now I’m making it worse.” Either way, I actually feel kind of sorry for her–her narcissism is so complete that she seems to feel she’s accomplished something with this screed, and even people trying to be kind to her are all getting buried with the same shovel. Sad.

    Thanks for the comment, and please stick around!


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